Stakeholder Participation

We carry out an extensive stakeholder process in parallel with the assessment report to ensure that it addresses and, where possible, answers the relevant societal questions. The process emphasises constructive engagement with different stakeholders. We invite representatives from politics, administration, business, interest groups and civil society to share their practical experiences and perspectives. Together, we evaluate recommendations for appropriate measures and options to support the transition to climate neutrality. We value open discussion about potential challenges and how to overcome them successfully.

The stakeholder process is structured on three levels.

A Strategic Steering Board accompanies the entire stakeholder process and provides guidance to the Co-Chairs and facilitators. This group includes political and administrative decision-makers, social partners, representatives of industry, interest groups and civil society.

In addition, thematic roundtables are held. These roundtables are discussion forums on specific topics relevant to the AAR2. Their purpose is to ensure that the report addresses pertinent issues and supports societal debate. These discussions involve stakeholders, Co-Chairs and authors specialising in the relevant topics.

A ‘co-creation workshop’ is planned for early 2024, bringing together around 60 people from relevant stakeholder groups. This workshop will collectively discuss the first draft of the AAR2. Wherever possible, the report authors will adjust their contributions based on these discussions.

Maria Holzinger and Daniel Huppmann are available to answer any questions about the stakeholder process.